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ATTENTION!!   SWAOG Observing for July 29th is a "GO"


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From the North and North-East:
Take the westbound East-West Tollway (I-88) to the Route 56 - Sugar Grove exit.
Take Route 56 to the Route 47 exit.
Turn right and go south on Route 47 approximately 7.5 miles to Route 34.
Turn right and go west on Route 34 approximately 5 miles to "Ben" Street in the town of Plano.
Turn left on "Ben" Street and go south approximately 2 miles. (Ben Street will become CR15)
The entrance for the Cedar Ridge Campground will be on the right, where Fox Road intersects CR15.
Follow the Cedar Ridge Campground entrance road to Parking Lot # 3 (on the left).
(Help preserve our night vision!)

Download these two observing tools below and be sure to take them with you when you go out observing!

SWAOG Observing Site  *DOs & DON'Ts*
An optical instrument (telescope, binoculars, or spotting scope, etc.) is required.
NO WHITE LIGHT! Please use a Red LED flashlight or cover your flashlight with Red Cellophane.
Please try to arrive at the site by 9:00 PM in order to reduce the amount of vehicle traffic (and lights) near the Observing Site.
If you bring your young family members, please be sure that they are adequately supervised.  No running or horseplay is permitted, our observers have expensive and delicate equipment.
No alcohol is permitted in the park (Park rules).
Please use the trash cans in the parking lot (let's leave the park as clean as we found it, or better!)
Stay as long as you like, as long as you are observing.
IMPORTANT: Obey any commands or instructions given by the Police, Park Officials, or Park Employees!    (We DO NOT want to jeopardize our use of this observing facility!)  


SWAOG Observing Dates for the First 1/2 of 2020:
Note: Each Observing Session usually has 2 dates scheduled, a Friday night, and the following Saturday night.  
Listen for the "GO / NO-GO" message on the 145.430 MHz. DuPage Repeater at 7:00 PM (6:00 PM  Nov. thru April) on the evening of the scheduled event.
SWAOG Observing Sessions are for telescopes, binoculars, monoculars, or spotting scopes, - anything goes!
 (but remember, you must bring a piece of optical gear!)

January 17th and 18th
January 24th and 25th
February 14th and 15th
February 21st and 22nd
March 20th and 21st
March 27th and 28th
April 17th and 18th
April 24th and 25th
May 15th and 16th
May 22nd and 23rd
June 12th and 13th
June 19th and 20th

Sky and Viewing Conditions at the Site!