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>>> Please note our new web page location of:  http://maverickswap.net

The 147.300 Maverick Amateur Radio Club Joliet repeater is back on the air!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE!!  The Maverick Swap Net back on the air at the regular time!   


Next Get-Together!!!

*** The Maverick Amateur Radio Club meets at the Old Fashioned Pancake House on the last Friday of each month at 6:30 PM.   Hope to see you there!!


The Maverick Amateur Radio Club Swap Net is a Ham Radio Net that operates each Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM on the club's WD9AZK 2-meter repeater, 147. 300 / +600 KHz / 94.8 Hz. PL,  located in Joliet, IL.   The purpose of each week's Net is to provide a place to list Amateur Radio-related items for sale or trade within 2-meter radio range of Joliet, IL.   PLEASE NOTE:  The Maverick Swap Net has been temporarily suspended until a new Net Control Operator is found.  See message above!
*** We are taking memberships for the 2015-2016 year. *** 
* First time members who have NEVER been a member have $15 initiation fee plus the cost of full or associate membership. The initiation fee is waived for senior citizens (sixty plus), handicapped individuals, and paid-up members of another repeater club.
* Full membership is $20/year with auto-patch, speed dial for one number and 911 privileges and covers all licensed amateur radio members living in the same household.
* Associate membership is $15/year with 911 privileges only and only covers the applicant.
* We will accept cash, check, or money orders only.

Chettina - N9QQQ
Secretary M.A.R.C.

The Maverick Swap Net continues on each week in memory of Joan Tarlini - WB9WXW,  who founded the Net over 20 years ago and ran it each week!    Godspeed Jo!!
IMPORTANT!  Amateur Radio-related items can be listed for sale or trade on the Maverick Swap Net each week, then they will be posted on this page.  They must be listed on the 2-meter Swap Net first!   To keep your listing active both here and on the 2-meter Swap Net,  you must check in to the Swap Net AT LEAST once every month.   Please check in and participate on each week's Net!
The items listed here for sale or trade are from the latest edition of the Maverick Swap Net, held on the Maverick Amateur Radio Club's WD9AZK 2-meter repeater on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 PM.  This page is usually updated shortly after each week's Net.


This page is updated frequently, so keep checking back (and remember to refresh your browser!)


 Last Updated: 9/22/2015 with information provided on the Maverick Swap Net
Please contact our webmaster at:    for problems with this web page (i.e. broken links, out of date info, etc.) 



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 2015/16 Central Region HAMFESTS (from the ARRL web site)

Coming soon!


*** If you are interested in any of the items listed here,  please check in to the Maverick Amateur Radio Swap Net on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 PM and use the contact info provided with each listing,  or send an e-mail message with your name and telephone number included, to the Maverick Amateur Radio Club at the following e-mail address:    and we will put you in touch with the selling party.
*** If you have a listing here,  please beware of various scam artists that may respond to your ads.   The Maverick Amateur Radio Club cannot guarantee the integrity of anyone that may respond to ads placed here,  and cannot be held responsible.  
*** If you have a listing here that needs to be corrected or removed,  please contact the Maverick Amateur Radio Club at the e-mail address above.   The Maverick Swap Net and this web site are provided to Chicago-area Hams on a purely voluntary basis and as such,  neither the club,  it's members,  nor the webmaster assume responsibility for any errors that may be contained on this page or on the Swap Net.   The webmaster reserves the right to edit all contents of this page.   Your webmaster is Jeff, WD9GVU.

*** If you would like to have your Amateur Radio-related item listed for sale or trade here, contact the Net Control Operator of the Maverick Swap Net held each Wednesday night at 9:00 PM on the WD9AZK 147. 300 MHz repeater.   Please check in and participate!
*** If you are interested in becoming a member of the Maverick Amateur Radio Club,  please send an e-mail message to the Maverick Amateur Radio Club at    for details.  
*** The Maverick Amateur Radio Club usually meets on the last Friday of the month at the  Old Fashion Pancake House  in Joliet,  IL.   Tune in to the weekly Maverick Swap Net for dates,  times,  and additional information. 


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