SWAOG Members Share Astronomy with local DuPage County Girl Scouts




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On January 27th, 2007, members of the SWAOG had a chance to share some of their astronomy knowledge with some local DuPage County Girl Scouts.  
There were approximately 120 Girl Scouts and 5 SWAOG members at this event.  The SWAOG members that helped out with this event were: 
Bill - KB9ZKA (LX90, 60mm refractor, and video projection equipment) 
Mark - KC9DSN (12-inch DOB, and Astronomy-Related Web Site presentation) 
Mark's daughter Amy (photos, and distribution of the hand-outs) 
John - KN9R (80mm refractor)
Jeff - WD9GVU (Binoculars, and Sky Map Reading & Measuring Objects presentations)
It was cloudy all day long, but we got about 45 minute break in the clouds and we were able to show most the Girl Scouts some nice sights through our telescopes. 
We all had a great time doing this event, and the Girl Scouts were very appreciative!!
Several Girl Scouts participate, and a few of their parents watch one of the presentations
The Girl Scouts participate in an exercise of How to Measure Objects in the Night Sky
Jeff - WD9GVU teaches the Girl Scouts how to use their hands to Measure Objects in the Night Sky
Mark - KC9DSN shares several Astronomy-Related Web Sites with the Girl Scouts
Jeff shows the Girl Scouts how to identify constellations using the monthly Sky Map
Bill - KB9ZKA's, Mark - KC9DSN's, & John KN9R's telescopes through which the Girl Scouts saw some nice objects
photos courtesy of Bill - KB9ZKA, and Amy (Mark - KC9DSN's daughter)


CLICK HERE to download a copy of the monthly Sky Map  (very helpful aid in learning the night sky!)